Outstanding Production

At the conclusion of the festival, the adjudicators will, without discussion, individually rank the productions in order of personal preference, with 1 being the best and not exceeding 10. Their choices will be totaled by a tournament official, and the lowest overall score will be considered the Best Production. In case of a tie, or a wide discrepancy in the rankings, the list of shows may be narrowed down and blindly re-balloted until a consensus is reached.These rankings will not be discussed and the scores will not be disclosed unless consensus cannot be reached, in which case the festival commissioner will intervene to assist.

If the Regional Festival wishes to invite more than one production from any state, all productions will be considered equal co-winners. In even numbered years the ESTA Regional Festival holds an Original Works Festival, and may invite some number of original scripts and/or published plays. In this case, all invited productions will be considered equal co-winners and will compete at the Regional Festival on equal status.

Previous Festival Winners
Year   Company   Production
2023   Raging Hag Productions
Rockville Little Theatre
2022   Kensington Arts Theatre   The Last Nickel
2020   Silver Spring Stage   The Rockefeller Special
2018   Colonial Players
Silver Spring Stage
  Universal Language
2017   Montgomery Playhouse
Silver Spring Stage
  Virtual Reality
The Pirate and the Caterpillar
2015   Port Tobacco Players
Colonial Players
  Superhero Sanitarium
Tough Cookies
2014   Montgomery Playhouse
Silver Spring Stage
Useless Information
2013   Silver Spring Stage
Montgomery Playhouse
  Spoken For
Saves the Day
2012   Silver Spring Stage
The Newtowne Players
2011   The Newtowne Players
Montgomery Playhouse
  Woman; Revised
Conversations With the Spanish Lady
2010   Silver Spring Stage
Port Tobacco Players
American Century
2009   Colonial Players
Montgomery Playhouse
Ferris Wheel
2008   Sandy Spring Theatre Group
Rockville Little Theatre
  Not So Soft
Get Stuffed
2007   Port Tobacco Players
Silver Spring Stage
  Never Swim Alone
The Brute
2006   Montgomery Playhouse
Silver Spring Stage
  The Way To Miami
Perfectly Good Airplanes
2005   Hard Bargain Players
Colonial Players
  xphiles unrequited
Between Mouthfuls
2004   Silver Spring Stage   Fin and Euba
2003   Silver Spring Stage   Sticks & Stones
2002   Rockville Little Theatre   Tradition 1A
2001   Burtonsville Players   Silver Linings
2000   Colonial Players   Zoo Story
1999   Montgomery Playhouse
Greenbelt Arts Center
  The Matchmaker's Guide To Controlling the Elements
Grand Prize
1998   Cedar Lane Stage
Silver Spring Stage
  Patient A
Midnight Caller
1997   Burtonsville Players
Greenbelt Arts Center
  Sure Thing
A Way With Words
1996   Pasadena Theatre Company
Sandy Spring Theatre Group
  Home At Six
The Real Inspector Hound
1995   Burtonsville Players
Colonial Players
  Love Letters
On Tidy Endings
1994   Montgomery Playhouse
Silver Spring Stage
  Strangers In the Night (Afterglow)
1993   Colonial Players
Greenbelt Arts Center
  Where Have All the Lightening Bugs Gone
Among My Souvenirs
1992   Cedar Lane Stage
Montgomery Playhouse
1991   Alliance Theatre Workshop   Seascape With Sharks and Dancer
1990   Alliance Theatre Workshop   Scooter Thomas Makes It To the Top of the World
1989   Montgomery Playhouse   The Actor's Nightmare
1988   Adventure Theatre   The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
1987   Montgomery Playhouse   Tell Me Another Story, Sing Me Another Song
1986   Silver Spring Stage   The Typist


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