Outstanding Production

At the conclusion of the festival, the adjudicators will, without discussion, individually rank the productions in order of personal preference, with 1 being the best and not exceeding 10. Their choices will be totaled by a tournament official, and the lowest overall score will be considered the Best Production. In case of a tie, or a wide discrepancy in the rankings, the list of shows may be narrowed down and blindly re-balloted until a consensus is reached.These rankings will not be discussed and the scores will not be disclosed unless consensus cannot be reached, in which case the festival commissioner will intervene to assist.

If the Regional Festival wishes to invite more than one production from any state, all productions will be considered equal co-winners.

In even numbered years the ESTA Regional Festival holds an Original Works Festival, and may invite some number of original scripts and/or published plays. In this case, all invited productions will be considered equal co-winners and will compete at the Regional Festival on equal status.